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Teacher Training


200 Hour                                       YIN Yoga

BASIC CERTIFICATION                                                                                                                                                      TEACHER CERTIFICATION



200 Hour Basic Certification

If you’ve ever considered becoming a yoga teacher or simply deepening your understanding of yoga in general, look no further than Life of an Urban Yogi, Urban Yoga Spa’s 200-Hour Teacher Training Program. Beginning in March 2018, join Urban’s own Claire Stetina and Joe Burley along with special guest teachers for what will be an enlightening and empowering experience.

Through a balanced curriculum of practice and lecture you will dive deep into foundational poses, proper alignment, yogic philosophies and history, business, ethics, musicality and so much more. Our teacher training is designed around the bustling lifestyle of the urban yogi with a schedule that won’t conflict with your day-to-day responsibilities. Let us help you find your voice and step into your potential through one of the most supportive environments you’ll find in Seattle.

Schedule –

March 23- June-16 (12 week program with 1 week break May 2-5)

Our 200-Hour Basic Training comes in the below convenient format meeting on Thursday, Friday and then alternating weekend days:

Thursdays • 6:30 PM – 9:30 PM

Fridays • 6:30 PM – 9:30 PM

Alternating Saturdays  & Sundays • 9 AM – 5 PM


  • Asana Labs and alignment workshops
  • Philosophy and History
  • Practice teaching
  • Refining your ability to teach vinyasa flow
  • Introductions to meditation
  • Developing your authentic voice
  • Business of yoga and ethics
  • Teaching to special populations
  • Introductions to Yin and Ayurveda
  • So much more…….

Free Yoga

To help you deepen your practice Urban Yoga Spa offers unlimited free during your 200 Hour Teacher Training. This provides a great way to deepen your own practice while at the same time refining the skills you are learning in your training.

Yoga Alliance

Urban Yoga Spa is a member of the Yoga Alliance, makes our teacher training certifications recognized world-wide. Once you graduate from our program, you will be eligible to join the Yoga Alliance at the 200-RYT level. Becoming a member of the Yoga Alliance is a great way to let gyms and yoga studios at which you wish to teach that you are a professional, highly educated and skilled teacher.

Teach when you graduate

Urban Yoga Spa offers free community classes to the public taught by our recent graduates.  This means you are guaranteed to put your skills to use the day you graduate.  We offer these community classes throughout the year ensuring you can practice teaching right away.


No formal experience is required to enroll in the 200-Hour Teacher Training program. However, we do recommend that you have had at least one year of regular practice prior to the start of the course. Participating in this training will be a profound experience, taking you to places in your body and mind that you never thought possible.

A flexible body free of injuries is NOT a requirement for this training. In fact, we encourage students with all body types and/or physical challenges to consider this program. At its heart, yoga is a practice of meeting the body where it is, and then working with the body to slowly and respectfully move deeper.



Claire Stetina Zurbrugg: (E-RYT200, RYT500, YACEP, LMT) Claire is a yoga educator offering classes, retreats and teacher trainings on the West Coast. She spent 5 years teaching at the Yoga Flow studios in San Francisco where she was on faculty of a renowned yoga teacher training and is the Founder of the Vinyasa Alignment Method, a program that trains yoga teachers how to better integrate principles of therapeutic alignment into vinyasa flow classes. Claire is known for her precise teaching style- marked by creative sequencing, bio-mechanical knowledge of the body, and nuanced subtle alignment made accessible to all. She has studied over 900 hours of yoga trainings as well as 80 hours of functional anatomy. At heart, Claire is a Bhakti yogi, as theme, philosophy, and harmonium are interwoven into every class. Claire is in a life long love affair with yoga, her mission is to make the practices, traditions and teachings relevant, transformative and sustainable to all. 



Joe Burley: Forever interested in space mysticism and the infinite knowledge of the universe.  It was at the age of twenty that I really took my first step to become a life long practitioner of yoga. My physical body had been critically injured in a car accident, after a long recovery it was the practice of yoga that fully healed my mind and body. My practice stayed with me through the highs and lows of young adulthood. I decided to take vinyasa yoga teacher training in 2013, to deepen my yoga practice, but found a deeper truth within: that I wanted to share my practice with my community. In my own practice I explore how physical asana and pranayama enable me to get out of the self mind-space to awaken a deeper connection to the cosmos we are all a part of. Over the past few years my style of practice has evolved to include hatha poses and meditative techniques to complement vinyasa flow.  Joe has lead and coached around ten teacher training programs with CorePower Yoga and the PracticeSchool of Magic (PSOM). He has spent 400 hours training in both vinyasa and hatha yoga.



Guest faculty: Leah Adams and Lauren Pisano

Lauren Pisano:  Lauren Pisano has been teaching Vinyasa yoga for seven years and currently resides in San Francisco, California. She takes a pragmatic yet heartfelt approach to the teachings, and shares the practices that have moved her throughout her studentship. Her passion is teaching yoga philosophy through experiential, integrated practice.
She continues to visit with her longtime teachers Stephanie Adams and Adi Vajra, and self-study, diving deeper into the exploration of meditation, mantra and philosophy. Lauren sees yoga as a course towards a more peaceful existence in this world and as a pathway to realizing the depths of one’s being.





Leah Adams:  Leah, has had a dedicated yoga practice since 2010 and has been a registered teacher since 2013. She has taken Yoga, Ayurveda and Bodywork training courseswith Master Teachers including Yin Yoga teacher trainings with Bernie Clark and in residence Yin/Insight Yoga training with Sarah Powers. Through her study and practice of yoga and Ayurveda, across three continents she’s learned that living in alignment with nature is the ultimate form of self-care.




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YIN Yoga


50 hour Yin Yoga Training
Dates: March 2,3,4 & 16, 17, 18

We welcome anyone who has a sincere interest to explore yin yoga, existing yoga teachers and other wellness professionals (body workers, massage therapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, osteopaths, physical therapists, etc.). If you are newer to yin yoga, contact us at yinyogatraining@gmail.com and let us help you prepare for the program.


  1. Contact us at yinyogatraining@gmail.com or attend an info session if you have any more questions about the training.
    2. Complete the online application/registration form below APPLY

3.Pay the registration fee (pay pal, cheque, cash)
4. Determine remaining payment details (in full or payment plan).
5. Complete the student/teacher contract.
6. We will be in touch in a couple of weeks prior to the start date of the training with additional training details.


Soma Yin Yoga follows the standards outlined by the Yoga Alliance for each of the 5 educational categories. Each day is a blend of a yin yoga class, meditation, presentations, and hands on exploration of the following topics:

– Techniques, Training & Practice –

Key poses of yin for legs and torso (benefits, considerations & cautions, body types, modifications, variations, sequencing)
Weaving breath, meditation, mantra and mudra into a yin class

– Teaching Methodology –

Sequencing a yin class
Supporting the body with and without props
Atmosphere of a yin class – pace, vocabulary, voice, and music
Teaching styles
Student learning styles
Supporting students with discomfort, injuries, illness and pregnant women

– Physical & Energetic Anatomy –

Benefits of yin
Skeletal variation
Understand movements of major joints (hips, knees, ankles, spine, and shoulders)
Exploring sensation (tension, compression, opening, edges, discomfort, pain)
How to create your unique shape
Energy body – Eastern and Western perspectives

– Yoga Philosophy Lifestyle & Ethics –

Origins of yin yoga
Difference and importance of yin and yang types of activity
Difference between Yin and Restorative Yoga
Applying foundational mindfulness practices to yin
Learning to listen
Art of relaxation

– Weekend Topics –

Weekend #1  Understanding the foundational concepts of yin, (2) the origin of yin yoga, (3) teaching methodology, and (4) the physical & energetic anatomy for the poses for the lower body.

Weekend #2  The second weekend will focus on: (1) poses for the upper body, (2) mindfulness meditation as an anchor in the yin practice, and (3) ying/yang philosophy uncovering how traditional Chinese medicine meridian energetics can be drawn upon to enhance and balance energy.

– Practicum –

As a student in this program, you will have many opportunities to practice teach; starting with individual poses and concepts, and working towards longer sequences as training progresses. If you are a registered teacher with the Yoga Alliance, this training can can count towards 50 hours of CEUs.

The robust manual provided has all the information needed for the course. It also includes additional resources (books, articles, videos) for those who wish to deepen their exploration of yin.


Program fees include:
Application/Registration Fee $94.40 (non-refundable)
Tuition: $849.60

In addition to the training curriculum, this includes course materials, student record administration and private online community to stay connected and ask questions after training is done.


50 hours (45 contact, 5 homework), 6 days
Weekend 1: March 2, 3, 4
Weekend 2: March 16, 17, 18



You will receive a certificate of completion upon graduating. You may teach yin yoga if you are already a 200/300/500 Yoga Alliance certified teacher and count 50 hours towards your continuing education units (CEUs).