Yoga @ Urban

Yoga @ Urban is fun, challenging, heartfelt, and hot. We are devoted to the flow on the mat and in life. Each class is a playful exploration of mind, body, and spirit. In the studio, expect to have fun and work hard as the tensions of urban living fade further and further away.

Making yoga a part of your day is giving yourself the well-deserved gift of ongoing preventative maintenance, improvement and connection of your mind, body and self. A regular yoga practice will create more balance, perspective, physical and mental focus, and vitality to every aspect of your life, while also offering support for your busy lifestyle.

The practice of Hot Yoga is a rewarding workout that benefits your body and mind. The heat enables flexibility, enhances the cardiovascular aspect of the practice and also enables improved circulation. Benefits include positive shifts in energy, vitality and creativity which strengthen your mind and your ability to focus. The regular practice of Hot Yoga will help you to get back to your original nature by releasing what doesn’t belong, such as excess weight, stress anger and fears. All of this leads to a stronger inner strength, and will also help get you in the greatest shape of your life!