Will Simmons and Anita Kendall: Lovers of the city life

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Will: I feel that an urban setting best represents my nature. I love the energy that humanity at full speed brings to a situation.

Anita: I am in love with Seattle – I’ve always felt a connection to this city and it’s been my chosen home for over 13 years. Seattle’s energy and progressiveness reflect my inner self.

Why do you Urban?
Will: I come back to the mat to keep myself tuned up for what life brings and will bring. My practice helps me stay more balanced in my daily life by offering me tools to push through difficult situations. Ultimately, just like yoga, we continually only “practice” life as we will never perfect how to live.

Anita: To continually find harmony through the mind-body connection: to resist less, trust more, open up, just be. A favorite quote of mine is “what you resist, persists,” and the physical and emotional balance that’s brought to my life through yoga at UYS is a holistic remedy for all that ails me.

What’s your favorite thing about the UYS community?
Will: I think I most appreciate the welcoming nature that the staff and fellow yogis bring on a daily basis. I am more than just a number, and feel true camaraderie when I am at UYS.

Anita: The overlap between the teachers/staff/owners flows with the practicing yogis. I’ve practiced at other studios and never experienced the feeling of “home” like at UYS.

What’s your favorite guilty pleasure?
Will: I would have to say that my favorite guilty pleasure is eating non-cleanse approved foods, drinking and hanging out too late with Anita and friends.
Anita: Definitely imbibing on adult beverages and eating the non-traditional healthy foods I typically eat. I say, in life, guilty pleasures are a MUST!