Rob Dughi, World Traveler and Wine Lover

Real Yogis

Urban Yogi Since:
January 2012

Natural Habitat:
Yoga and wine are both sublime and it seemed only natural to pair the two for the photo shoot. A little sip of Cabernet goes well with that dancer pose!  And Pike and Western Wine Shop has long been my favorite spot in the city to learn about and buy wine.

Why do you Urban?
The practice at Urban builds strength, enhances flexibility and calms the mind, while also nourishing the spirit– all of which are needed in the world off-the-mat.  I keep returning day after day because of how amazing it makes me feel. In short, it’s simply addictive.

What’s your favorite thing about the UYS community?
It’s warmth and enthusiasm.

What’s your favorite guilty pleasure?
Watching films that are directed and/or produced by Hong Kong’s Johnnie To, including Blind Detective, Drug War, Sparrow and Vengeance, to name a few.​