Emma Curtiss, Aerial Acrobat

Real Yogis

Name: Emma Curtiss, Aerial Acrobat

Urban Yogi Since: 2011

Natural Habitat:
Circus is my life, and it’s a strange one! ​

Why do you Urban?
In circus, there is always a harder skill, more daring drop or dynamic flip your body could be doing. The possibilities are endless and so are the injuries. One thing circus and acrobatics can never offer me is balance in my body, mind and spirit. Yoga helps me rewind the clock, undo the damage from circus and put things right again. On my mat, wherever I am that day is okay. No pressure to be what I am not, just acceptance of where I AM. And that is precious.

What’s your favorite thing about the UYS community?
There is something beautiful about breathing through an hour surrounded by strangers in a space that I consider sacred and healing. Next to me might be a doctor, a ballerina or maybe a lawyer…I never know and it never matters. We are there with like-minded purpose, one that strips us of our titles and identities and leaves us raw and vulnerable. It is beautiful, rare and it is why we come back; to feel safe.

Sometimes I can feel that person next to me, struggling. I don’t know why, or what may be going on for them in their lives. But I can give them my energy, I can give them my breath and perhaps it will help them in that place. Other times it is I who needs to find presence on the mat, and the strong breath of my neighbor breathes that strength back into me. Where else could you have such an exchange, without ego or demand? Not many, and I love it!

What’s your favorite guilty pleasure?
I am addicted to Ginger Candies!​