Emily (nature lover) and Amy (goofball): life-long learners and explorers

Real Yogis

Urban Yogi(s) Since:
May 2009

Natural Habitat:
Emily: We love anything outdoors-running, cross-country skiing, mountaineering.  We’ve also been practicing acro yoga for several years. It is an amazing way to tie together acrobatics, yoga, communication training, patience, humility, strength into one activity.

Amy:  We do a lot of running together.  When we first started dating I told her, “I’ll never do a marathon … no interest, no desire, .. I run for other sports.”  Then 5 weeks later she had me running the Seattle Marathon.  The things we do for love.

Why do you Urban?
Emily: Yoga has changed me physically, mentally and emotionally.  I can’t imagine life without yoga and that’s what keeps bringing me back. Every day on the mat brings something new and different that I take back to my ‘normal’ world.

Amy: We really found a home in yoga, especially at Urban Yoga Spa.  Emily brought me to yoga 4-5 years ago and it’s really always been our home base together; a place to return and get grounded.  I love Urban because it’s the most accepting place for being goofy and it encourages a playful and authentic practice!

What’s your favorite thing about the UYS community?
Emily: The diversity, the kindness and the open nature of the students, teachers and staff.  It feels like family when we walk in the door. I’ve never been to a yoga studio where the students were so friendly and kind to each other.  I love how supportive everyone at UYS is of one another.  There is a genuine warmth that emanates from everyone!

Amy: People say hi to you as they pass in the hallway! I love saying hi. I’ve never experienced that at another studio.  ​

What’s your favorite guilty pleasure?
Emily: I have a sweet tooth, and a predilection for a certain show on E! that I’m too guilty to even name!
Amy: Burgers.  And People Magazine.  You say “trash,” … I say, “finger on the pulse.”​