Brooke Westlund, Local Artist

Real Yogis

Urban Yogi Since:
Since opening!

Natural Habitat:
My art studio in Pike Place Market. I have made the studio into a creative space where I can paint and also just “be”. I love that I am part of Pike Place Market; it is an amazing beautiful community vibe within a huge and sometimes overwhelming downtown.

Why do you Urban?
I love coming to yoga for the overall feeling in my body and the practice of being in the moment.  Also for the workout and the heat, Seattle can be so cold and rainy that the hot room is just the thing I need.

What’s your favorite thing about the UYS community?
Everyone is so loving and supportive. Its fun to see familiar faces when you come to class and also recognizing people around town and knowing you share the same yoga family. Its a pretty special thing that has come together at UYS.

What’s your favorite guilty pleasure?
I love wine! Art and wine go hand-in-hand right ?​