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I had been excited for sometime about the Yoga to the Max Event based on what I heard from many of the students who attended from last year. I had seen the pictures on FB but when I walked into the artisan loft, the pictures paled in comparison! The room was full of Yogis from all around the city and not just students from UYS! Many in costume, but all with smiles on their faces! As we settled in on our mats and Tim and Casey spoke and introduced themselves, you could literally feel the energy starting to build in the room. As the instructors took us through different asana’s what became very noticeable to me was how much the music became a part of the movement and breath of the crowd. It was an experience unlike the hundreds of hours I have spent in the studio. A deeply unique 90 minute practice that allowed for the joining of breath, posture, and music into one perfectly tuned pitch! Everyone at the end felt closer than before the practice. Even complete strangers didn’t seem so new or strange. The practice brought the room together in a closeness that allowed for the after practice festivities and dance performance to be even that more enjoyable, truly making Yoga to the Max Seattle Summer Yoga event of the year!

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