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Back in early March, I had reached a depleted state. You know, that feeling that you’re burned out, exhausted, and weary from how common and predictable your life has become? Okay, it’s really not that bad, and let’s be honest: the interminably long and lingering Seattle winter had a strong hand in exacerbating such a deep malaise.

In any case, I knew the prescription to replenish my soul, recharge my batteries, reconnect with my friends and myself, change my scenery, soak up some vitamin D, and just play could be administered by Urban Yoga Spa with their Tulum: Unplugged offering. The promise of yoga twice a day in itself is thrilling, but pair that promise with pristine, powdery beaches, a cornucopia of pretty produce, a community of wonderful yogi pals and boundless sunshine in Mexico? SI, por favor. Don’t mind if I do!

The wonderful thing about the retreat wound up being absolutely everything about the retreat. Tulum is this gorgeous resort area 90 minutes south of Cancun that lacks a strong tourist presence, yet still feels (and is) completely comfortable and safe. An ancient Mayan city with a Bohemian feel, it’s chock-full of culture, indigenous art, boutique-y shops and galleries, and phenomenal cuisine.

UYS’s retreat package was all-inclusive: yoga twice a day, three meals, and a breezy seaside palapas in which to sleep. While the only steadfast itinerary was morning and evening yoga – the rest of the trip was what we chose to make of it. Some days I felt like loafing by the sea all day in a hammock – other days I walked down miles of white sandy beach, staring at the impossibly cerulean sea. One time I rented a bike and pedaled to the Ancient Mayan Ruins. Another time I had a traditional Mayan spa treatment in which I was completely covered in mud, wrapped in a sheet, and wandered into the sea – rinsing off in the Caribbean. Some people went swimming in Cenote – some people went on the many day trip offerings our resort had available.

The magic was in the group of people – 28 Urban Yogis. Our collective energy was pure love, joy and happiness. Away from the stresses of daily life, supported by our wonderful community – we were all just able to show up as we truly are. The overarching theme of our holiday was Don Miguel Ruiz’s book “The Four Agreements” – a book we all read and discussed before each yoga practice. The four agreements, which according to Ruiz, will facilitate a happy, joyful life, are to be impeccable with your word, not take things personally, not make assumptions and always do your best. I can say with absolute certainty, the group of Urban yogis completely embodied these agreements on our memorable trip together. I’ll do my best to always cherish those precious moments we shared, and maintain the life-long friendships we made.

~ Heidi

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