Massage @ Urban

We’re tired of do-nothing massage. Our therapists are trained to seek out structural and energetic change in as little as one session.  Massage at Urban is a wellness lifestyle. Come see us for ongoing sessions and experience profound changes in your posture, energy, and stress-levels.

Massage Add-ons:

Kinesio Tape
Kinesio Tape extends the effects of massage. It can both facilitate the movement of a muscle that is underactive or inhibit the movement of a muscle that is overactive. It also increases lymphatic drainage from injury sites leading to shorter recovery time. Kinesio tape is a great way of supporting your joints in activities that otherwise could cause pain.

Full postural analysis
Struggle with low back pain? Slouched shoulders? Come and see one of our experienced therapists for a full postural analysis. We’ll work muscles that are hypertonic and help bring needed life to muscles that are underworking. The full postural analysis includes exercises to do after the session to help the effects of the massage stick.

Price list:

30 minute: $60
60 minute: $100
90 minute: $130

Aromatherapy $15
Kinesio Tape $10
Full Postural Analysis $15