The Urban Story

The Urban Story

The Mission.
We are here, above all else, to inspire happy, healthy, and empowered lives. We enhance the lives of modern day urban dwellers. We want you to leave as your best self.

The Method. 
The method is yoga. Hot yoga. We find breath and movement to cleanse body, mind, and spirit. You put in the work. You get the results. The method works.

The Location. 
In the heart of downtown Seattle, in the city's energetic center. 

Cast of Characters.
Andrew Hirsch took over Urban Yoga Spa in June of 2015 and wants nothing more than to grow the Urban community and stay true to the Urban creator's vision.  Andrew practices regularly and can be found at the studio almost daily.  When he is not practicing yoga, you may find him flying around the Pacific Northwest - ask him about flying sometime.

Gordy and Kathy created Urban Yoga Spa in 2009 and their motto is “Our world is a vision of how we see it”. They've been practicing together since 2000. Married since 1980.

The Name. 
The name speaks to convenience. We're your one-stop shop for all things wellness located where you need us to be. Whether you arrive by foot, car, or bus, we'll always make sure there's room for your mat.

Concrete floors in the lobby, sound-proofing in the rooms. Our state of the art design makes sure that unwanted sounds stay out and the sounds within the studio stay crisp. The teachers' voices carry, music gets you moving, and the hustle and bustle of urban life seems far away.

We dance between light and shadow. At times, sun pours in through the windows of Studio B as we salute the morning sun. Studio A, like a meditative cave, draws our attention inward. The windows of the spa open to a sea of white light. Whether you're in need of the warm glow of the sun or the deep reflection of candlelight, there's a space for you at Urban Yoga Spa.

Wood, Metal, and Concrete. 
Our aesthetic is clean, distilled, and open. We took out that which is superfluous to make a blank canvas on which our students can shine.

Every Single Breath. 
Your breath is cared for, from your first inhale as you walk in the doors, to your last relaxed exhale as you walk out. Whether touring our facilities for the first time or connecting with your yogi friends after years of practice, we want to assure that every single breath you take at Urban Yoga Spa is mindful, deep, and tranquil. 

The Active and the Passive. 
Just as important as the active bodywork-- the yoga, the movement-- is the passive. The active bodywork will keep you young, supple, and prepared for life's adventures. The passive bodywork--the massage, the acupuncture-- will keep your body sustained and injury-free, achieving new-found vitality for years to come. 

Removing Clutter. 
Get to the essence. Remove the excess. Sweat it out. Become your most authentic self.

Every class you take will be different. From the sequence to the message down to the playlist, we bring in teachers who have something to share. Never dry or wrought, you can count our classes to always be challenging in new and creative ways.

We Include. 
All races, all creeds, all ages, all orientations. We include everyone. Wherever you're coming from, there's a place for you at Urban Yoga Spa.

The community is our greatest asset. At Urban Yoga Spa, the students are the stars. You give us our light and inspiration. The bonds that form in our studios are strong. Come join us.

Andrew Hirsch
UYS Customer Experience Officer

Kathy & Gordy Ferguson